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At Premier we believe that everyone can learn English, and that
by following our program, you can excel to the international level.

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Our methods promote

a strong academic foundation through
proven, award-winning programs

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a greater understanding through
focused and personalized teaching

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a developed confidence through
practical use and exposure

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At Premier, we offer classes for the Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced student.
Each class level focuses on four basic areas:
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Phonics - Knowing you are pronouncing a word
correctly gives you confidence to use it when speaking
to native English speakers.

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Vocabulary - Increasing your vocabulary base gives
you the freedom to express yourself more fully.


Grammar - Structuring your sentences correctly helps
others understand what you are trying to say more clearly.


Conversation - Practicing speaking English in a
controlled and friendly environment helps you feel ready
to use your English skills out in the community, at school,
or at work.

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